17 December 2011

Octavia Cook Raffle via workshop 6

For more information email workshopsix (at) gmail
Here is a note from Octavia:

Hi everyone,

Please find attached a poster for the jewellery raffle that Workshop 6 is kindly holding for me to help me get to Munich next year for the international jewellery fair 'Schmuck'. I've had four pieces of work selected to be shown there and would love to attend this auspicious event!

There are nine prize draws of jewellery by myself and the generous ladies of Workshop 6; Jane Dodd, Cheryl Sills, Mia Straka, Anna Wallis and Jasmine Watson. Also kindly donated is a beautiful jewel by Renee Bevan. 

First prize is my brooch featured on the poster: 'Her Majesty c.1948', edition 2/5 and the second prize is the cameo brooch or ring of your choice from my 'classic' collection. I will provide photos of the other prize jewels next week to tempt you....

I would be most grateful for any support or if you know of anyone else who might be interested, please pass it on. The prizes will be drawn on January 28th 2012.

If you would like to purchase a ticket from the comfort of your home I can provide bank account details and email you a scan of your ticket.

all the best and have a great Christmas,


11 December 2011

The family goes to the Handshake opening

See Subliminal infiltrations for more of what people were wearing to the opening.

01 December 2011

HandSHAKE Artist Talk December 3 @ Masterworks Gallery

Artist Talk Dec 3  12:30
Round 3 of HandShake opened at Masterworks Gallery on Wednesday night.  It is intersting to see how people's projects have moved and evolved.
I have purposely tried to hold onto one idea/body of work through these three shows, which I am finding hard.  I get antsy quickly and am ready for a new phase.  But it has been a good exercise, I have had some important failures that are leading to the next step.

Now Showing  at Masterworks from 1 – 18 December

Handshake is the brainchild of contemporary jeweller Peter Deckers who, at the beginning of 2011, brought together 12 graduate jewellers with the artists that most inspire them for an innovative mentorship program. The 12 ‘apprentices’ teamed up with their jeweller icons, exchanging images and ideas through the Handshake website. The collaboration has resulted in a series of local and internationally based exhibitions, this being the first to come to Auckland. Visitors will experience excitingly fresh and provocative new work by Debbie Adamson, Becky Bliss, Nadene Carr, Kristin D’Agostino, Gillian Deery, Sharon Fitness, Sam Kelly, Jhana Millers, Neke Moa, Lynsay Raine, Sarah Read, and Jessica Winchcombe.

07 November 2011

Raewyn Walsh takes home the Objective Award 2011

Congratulations to Raewyn Walsh who picked up this year’s biggest prize – the premier award for Vessel 2011, (copper, paint, graphite and cast resin) 
Guest judge Deborah Crowe said that the first prize work was striking for its simplicity and confident in its execution. “This work stood out to the judging panel for its poise, deft manipulation of materials and sophisticated referencing of the past in a contemporary context” she explained.
Jewellery made a clean sweep with runner up going to Kvetoslava Sekanova  and third prize awarded  to Jasmine Watson

04 November 2011

Feedback as good as ice cream

Flora Sekanova 2010

Current Broach of the Month Club wearer, Anna Miles, wrote a beautiful reflection on her experience wearing Flora's Sekanova's brooch.  I find her style of feedback extremely inspiring.  Even though it is not my work, I feel like I have been given a gift after reading this.  

03 November 2011

Whitireia Jewellery Auction _ Nov 4

Ohh La La!!!  I wish I was in Wellington for this!  I donated a piece this year and am drooling over many of the works on display.  Check out the full list of items here:http://jewelsofwhitireia.wordpress.com/

12 October 2011

Broach of the Month Club + Masterworks 2011

We are four months into the third iteration of Broach of the Month Club and there are some interesting conversations shaping up.
brooch by Ross Malcolm

11 October 2011

The Overview - September Issue out now

If you are a jewellery geek and not reading the overview.... we need to change that.  Send an email and we'll add you to the list.

This is the fourth outing of Overview and, like
other periodicals that come out at this time,
the September Issue is the biggest one yet.
Big because there are more pages and more
contributors than before, and Big because
it looks at those issues that loom large over
contemporary jewellers in Aoetearoa, New
Zealand. And just like the fashion mags, in
this issue hot items of interest sit alongside the
perennial classics that return every season.
Here at the Guild headquarters there has been a
great deal of discussion surrounding the issues
faced by jewellers year in and year out. Who are
we; what is it we do; and why do we even do it?
Do we need definitive answers we ask? Does
it help to catagorise ourselves and our making
in such a way? And does definition change the
substance of what we do and the impact it can
have? Jewellery is still jewellery whether we call
it craft, art, design or fashion, right? Not so it
transpires, and even within our peer group there
is a wide range of opinions on these matters.
Some align themselves with movements and
groups, while others refuse definition and
believe good work is just that; good work. We
have had disagreements and there has been
awkward silences. Much cake has been eaten.
We suspect that there is no teleological jewellery
truth to which we all aspire. Instead, a number
of positions can mark out a valid spot on the

contemporary jewellery spectrum and it is
where the maker, the curator, the writer; all
invested parties, locate themselves that makes it
interesting. So in this issue we have decided to
make a call, and put our stake(s) in the ground
in the hope that lightening doesn’t strike.
- Raewyn Walsh from the Icebreaker, Overview issue 4, 2011

22 September 2011

Free community art workshop!!

Celebrating International Day of Older Persons with free community art workshops!


Celebrating the International Day of Older Persons (1 October 2011), From Bauhaus to Your House is a series of four FREE one day modern art and craft workshops supported by Auckland Council and presented at four north Auckland community arts facilities, exclusively for a limited number of older and retired people. 

Attendees at these FREE workshops will learn about their artist-teachers making practice and spend time sharing experiences, creating a small artwork and learning a new skill! This is a fantastic opportunity for older and retired people of all abilities to learn from established professional artists in an age friendly environment, so don’t miss out - numbers are limited to 15 per workshop. Art materials, tea and coffee will be supplied. Make sure to bring a packed lunch.

When and Where
  • Wednesday 5 October, 10am-3pm at Mairangi Arts Centre. 20 Hastings Rd, Mairangi Bay. With artist Niki Hastings-McFall. For bookings email or phone Mairangi Arts Centre mairangiartscentre@xtra.co.nz 09 478 2237.
  • Friday 14 October, 10am-3pm at The Arts Centre Helensville. Cnr Karaka St and Commercial Rd, Helensville. With artists Kristin D’Agostino and Raewyn Walsh. For bookings email or phone The Arts Centre Helensville admins.artcentre@gmail.com 09 420 9374.
  • Wednesday 19  October, 10am-3pm at Kumeu Arts Centre. 14 Oraha Road, Huapai, Kumeu. With artists Renee Bevan and Ross Malcolm. For bookings email or phone Kumeu Arts Centre thetinshed@clear.net.nz 09 412 9480.
  • Wednesday 26 October, 10am-3pm at Northart. Norman King Square, Northcote Shopping Centre. With artist Regan Gentry. For bookings email or phone Northart manager@northart.co.nz 09 480 9633.
For more information about this programme and to make a booking contact the above community art centres. Alternatively, email Matt Blomeley Matt.Blomeley@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or Liz Watkins Liz.Watkins@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz  

21 September 2011

HandSHAKE @ New Zealand Jewellery Show

I went down to Wellington to help with the setup and meet the other HandShakers. It was a great group to work with and I really enjoyed the hospitality.

The Egalitarian project in full force....

Jhana Millers performance piece was a real treat!
The full project is documented on the handshake website.

20 September 2011

Studio 20/17 Install

This is a detailed image of my Egalitarian Project.  The brooches were all the same price but some where just tin and others were silver, contained pearls, aquamarine, etc.  A bit like the lotto.  See the HandShake site for full details of the project.

03 August 2011

HandSHAKE – Prentice and prodigy

A mentor project, called HandShake has been taking up all of my blog energy these last few months.  You can visit the project here.

The first show in association with this project is opening on 9th August at Studio 20/17 in Sydney.

Egalitarian project -
Kristin D'Agostino

Opening Drinks – Tuesday 9th August 6-8pm.
To be formally opened by Dr Karin Findeis Subject Chair, Jewellery and Object Lecturer, Jewellery and Object,Sydney College of the Arts
An exhibition of work by 12 New Zealand contemporary jewellery recent graduates  developed over a period of time with their chosen mentors.
Curated by Peter Deckers.
Karl Fritsch for Neke MoaLucy Sarneel for Nadene CarrIris Eichenberg for Sarah Read,Warwick Freeman for Jess WinchcombeFabrizio Tridenti for Becky BlissAndrea Wagnerfor Lindsay RaineHanna Hedman for Debbie Adamson, Estela Sàez Vilanova for Gillian DeeryJudy Darragh for Kristin D’AgostinoSuska Mackert for Jhana MillersLisa Walkerfor Sharon FitnessRian de Jong for Sam Kelly. The combination of this esteemed group of masters and their prodigies of budding New Zealand jewellery artists makes for an exciting and much anticipated exhibition of fresh, invigorating and sometimes challenging, work.
In presenting this exhibition in conjunction with Sydney Design 2011 a tradition of cross-cultural collaboration between Australia and New Zealand, and within the discipline of contemporary jewellery, will be continued.
The nature of this project departs from more common exhibition formats, which focus on a theme or the curator’s perspective to bring to together a group of artists. Here, a group of emerging artists will have the opportunity to develop work in collaboration with a mentor. In this project, the traditional practice of the passing on of craft/artisan skills through a classical apprenticeship is revived in a contemporary context. The partnership and dialogue between the graduate and their mentor is a great opportunity for the graduates to learn more, but also for the established maker to bring forward their knowledge and share with the new generation of makers. See the blog of the project development at http://handshakejewellery.wordpress.com
Nadene Carr

03 July 2011

Broach of the Month Club + Masterworks 2011 is born

The 2011 Broach of the Month Club kicked off last week.   The work is super exciting and the wearers are thrilled to don their brooches.  With the new club is a new BROACH OF THE MONTH CLUB WEBSITE.

14 June 2011

Drawing collaboration

As part of the Broach of the Month Club Thinkspace show, wearer Garth O'Brien and I collaborated on a drawing project. He saw an antique brooch an bought it.  So together we drew up new brooches from the antique and the brooches in the BOM 2010.  This is what I came up with.  To see the originals BOM brooches go here.

Kristin D'Agostino + Tatjana Panyoczki + Garth O'Brien Antique 
Raewyn Walsh + Anne Baynham + Garth O'Brien Antique

Tatjana Panyoczki + Garth O'Brien Antique

Rachel Bell + Tatjana Panyoczki + Garth O'Brien Antique

10 June 2011

Broach of the Month Club 2010 - Masterworks ThinkSpace

1. Wearer Jo Mears takes Ross Malcom's 'In the Pink' on a Kombi tour of the South Island
2. 2010 Broach of the Month Club brooches
3. Photos of the 2010 launch party by Rebecca Robinson
4. Wearer responses:  Bronwyn Cornish brooch, Jenny Robertson tapestry book, Garth O'Brien antique brooch
5. Wearer journals and photos
6.  Video of wearer interviews 

03 June 2011

The National enters blogland

The National State of Emergency Blog is up and running.  
Go visit here
There will also be pop-up shows happening in Christchurch.

26 May 2011

why so silent.....

Well I have been unfaithful to this blog.  
I have been lucky enough to be involved in a mentor ship with the wonderful Judy Darragh and it is being documented here!

I have also been working on Overview, a bi-monthly NZ Contemporary Jewellery Newsletter.  If you haven't seen it and would like to flick me an email.

And the 2010 BOM club is just finishing., with a lovely wrap up party... and 2011 is gearing up.  Watch this space.

17 May 2011

Box Project at Masterworks

The box project curated by Jasmine Matus is currently showing at Masterworks.  I really like the display.  One person I talked to was disappointed that the work seemed to take the obvious form. ie lots of necklaces.  It was hard for me to comment, being a necklace making member of the project, but I think that is sort of the point.  Maybe it would have helped to see the 'box' the makers received to get a feel with how far this jewellery had come.

 My whiffle golf ball necklace.  

This was made almost a year ago now and looking back, being pushed outside of my comfort zone forced me to work a bit differently.  It was really hard for me at first, but by the end, I was on a role and really enjoying the material.  Looking back, it has really influenced some of my current making.

28 April 2011

Collaborative Jewellery

Karl Fritsch @ Govett-Brewster - Stealing the Senses

ArtNews reported the following:
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery  New Plymouth  12 March - 6 June

Stealing the Senses brings together international and New Zealand artists whose practices propose new ways of experiencing the world. This diverse group of artworks, largely newly commissioned and site-specific, includes collaborative and community involved projects, across a variety of media.
A key installation in the show, Gesamtkunsthandwerk is the result of a three month long collaborative project between NZ sculptor Francis Upritchard, Italian furniture designer Martino Gamper, and NZ based German jeweller Karl Fritsch. Not to be missed, Gesamtkunsthandwerk will also be shown atHamish McKay Gallery, Wellington, in mid-June.

Karl Fritsch, Martino Gamper & Francis Upritchard, Gesamtkunsthandwerk, 2011. Courtesy of Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. Photo: Bryan James

22 April 2011

Winter Neckpieces '11

If you are in Sydney, these two neck pieces of mine will be showing at  Studio 20/17 Winter Neckpieces show from 3rd May – 4th June 2011.

Jewellery on the Brink of a Relationship #201 

Foliage and Ripe Fruit   2011

Here is a description of the show:
This year we invite a selected number of Australian and International artists to make contemporary versions of this ancient form of self expression. Expect to see works ranging from eye catching, oversized statement pieces, through to delicate pared back jewels. The only limitation will be that the finished work can be worn around the neck.

08 April 2011

The Box Project Wellington

The Box project, work from SharonFitness and I is now showing in Wellington at The See Here.

The Box Project

Monday 28 March - Sunday 17 April

Lauren Simeoni, Too a Tee, neckpiece, glass beads, golf tees, resin dipped capacitors, 2010

07 April 2011

On Collaboration

While I am on a kick about the radio,
Michale Parekowhai and his sister were interviewed a few weeks ago.  I think that this is a very interesting idea of how a collaboration might work.

06 April 2011

Octavia on the Radio

Octavia Cook: Counterfeit Epidermis 
Last weekend Octavia Cook was interviewed by Lynn Freeman ion National Radio.  To listen to the interview follow this link.

03 April 2011

Photography and Jewellery

Hanna Hedman, jeweller  & Sanna Lindberg, photographer, are collaborating on show called “Still-Jewelry” opening at Silke & The Gallery.  So if you are in Antwerp......
Here is what the gallery has to say about the show:

Hanna Hedman & Sanna Lindberg

With the reference to still-life paintings and photography and its inanimate subjects. The photographs are portraits, but its main focus is not the person, but the jewelry. In most of my photographs the people are in many ways life-less with surreal elements.
I am interested in showing my art in diverse ways not just inside the glass-box. Installations, exhibitions, through wearing and through photographs. 
Hanna Hedman

Exhibition "Still-Jewelry"
Hanna Hedman & Sanna Lindberg
Monday 4th april to Saturday 9th april 
Bar Nadar, Ernest van Dijckkaai 19-20 
2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Opening Sunday 3th april 7pm

30 March 2011


handShake is a mentor ship project and show that will be held at Gallery 20/17 in Sydney.  The project is being curated and conceived by Peter Deckers.  The line up of New Zealand jewellers is comprised of eleven other emerging jewellers who chose their superheros as mentors for the year.  The project culminates in a show at Gallery 20/17.  I was lucky enough to be chosen as a participating jeweller and I in turn chose local artist Judy Darragh as my mentor.  She has been wonderful so far and I am sure she will give me a run for my money!

I have decided to send Judy post card updates on my making progress.  Above is post card #1.

The project is being recorded on a blog and will be updated continually for the year.  You can view the blog here:  Handshake blog.

28 March 2011

New Ceramic Jewelry

Two worlds collide in an exciting exhibition at the Museum of Art and Design in NY.  Here is what the MAD website has to say about the show.

A Bit of Clay on the Skin: New Ceramic Jewelry

March 15 - September 4, 2011

A Bit of Clay on the Skin: New Ceramic Jewelry explores the manifold appeal of ceramics, especially porcelain, in jewelry. Organized by the Fondation d'Entreprise Bernardaud and curated by the renowned German-born goldsmith and jewelry artist Monika Brugger, the exhibition showcases the versatility and allure of the medium, which can be modeled or cast, used alone or with metal, wood, and stone, and vary in color and texture. Best known as the stuff of the luxurious and the mundane, of fine tableware and technical equipment, when used in jewelry, porcelain sparks the visual and physical sensations to become an object of desire.

Rian de Jong

n° 4 (brooch) 2007

The exhibition showcases the scope and ingenuity of the more than one hundred works on view and features the work of 18 cutting-edge jewelry artists, including creations by such notables as Peter Hoogeboom, Evert Nijland, Ted Noten (The Netherlands), Gésine Hackenberg (Germany), Marie Pendariès (Spain), and Shu-Lin Wu (Taiwan). While some make reference to traditional jewelry in materials and symbolism, others altogether redefine it in substance, form, and matter.

26 March 2011

Mia Straka @ Masterworks

Mia Straka – Model/Jewellery
31March – 20 April 

as per the masterworks website: 
In the jewellery box programme this month is an exciting new experimental range of neckpieces developed by Mia Straka in response to a jewellery workshop she attended recently in Melbourne held by internationally acclaimed Manon Van Kouswijk. Come and see Straka’s exploration into the potential of PVC and silk thread in jewellery.

Lucky Charm: Making Good Fortune Happen

Lucky Charm. Making Good Fortune Happen, is an online auction fundraiser coordinated by Melbourne based jeweler, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska, in order to raise much needed funds in support of the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Rescue services.

In light of the recent bout of devastating natural disasters that have taken place around the world, in particular, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, it became apparent that humanitarian charities such as the Red Cross have become increasingly stretched for funds and resources which allow them to respond quickly and effectively in critical times.

The Lucky Charm fundraiser will see a cornucopia of amazing contemporary jewellery works auctioned off online as a means to show support and help raise much needed funds for the Red Cross - Australia.

All works have been donated by an incredibly generous and highly respected assembly of local and international contemporary jewellers who have banded together to create what organizer, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska calls, “An unstoppable force of GOOD nature”.

Established and emerging makers alsike have come together, with names such as Lucky Folk, Julia deVille, Nicholas Bastin, Melinda Young, Anna Davern in the mix. It’s a rare opportunity to view and bid on such a vast and varied collection of amazing jewellery works. What is even more amazing is that ALL pieces start at a reserve price of only $30!

Thank you for your support, spread the word far and wide, good luck, happy bidding, and may you yourself become a Maker of Good Fortune!
Bidding is open now, all auctions end on April 21st at 11pm EST.                    

Octavia Cook @ Anna Miles Gallery

12 March 2011

White Night Auckland: Tonight

The Auckland Arts Festival is on full swing and a treasure trove of jewellery, craft, talks, and performance art.

Highlights as I see it:

MARCH 12 - White Night. For the first time the festival offers White Night, a special one night only evening which sees the city turned into a bustling outdoor gallery, adapted from the popular French Nuit Blanche where museums, public and private galleries open their doors throughout the city until midnight with special programmes of performance, music and other art events. 

My top picks include:
MARCH 12 - Jim Allen @ Artspace 6pm

"ContactParangole Capes. At its core Contact speaks about a release from social alienation through collective activity—literally ‘making contact’. The three elements—Computer Dance, Parangole Capes and Body Articulation/Imprint—deploy formal structures in which the interplay of bodies use movement, form, sound and light to strive for transcendence. Parangole Capes begins from a point of restraint as bodies cocooned in fabric slowly move towards each other to find release." (text care of Artspace)

MARCH 12 - Ross Malcom talking @ Fingers 7-8 pm
From 7-8pm Ross Malcolm will be in the gallery conducting an informal discussion about his new work on display,
'Home Sweet Home'

MARCH 12 - Niki Hastings-McFall @ ArtStation:..Make lei with Niki on Saturday 12 March 6pm to
midnight, for one of her infamous 'Polynisation' installations that
will be in Artstation. Then help the 'Knitterati' knit for the
'Beanies for babies' charity in a glow-in the dark knit off. These two
events are part of White Night presented by Auckland Arts Festival.

MARCH 12 - Anna Miles Gallery open
MARCH 12 - Objectspace open

Other highlights include:

13 March: 4pm, Public Talk: Dr Rachel Carley on ceramics, still life and the floral. Plus Afternoon tea. 
Letting Space
14 March 14 - Easy Listening: Francis Upritchard in conversation with Tessa Laird 6.00pm 
@ Elam Lecture Theater
16 March: 6.30pm, Public Talk: Anna Miles on the invented and imaginary world of flowers on textiles. 
Letting Space
19 March - Jim Allen Performances 
Artspace  6pm