09 October 2010

Announcing Touch, Pause, Engage

Touch, Pause, Engage is an introductory snapshot of contemporary jewellery from Aotearoa, New Zealand for the Australian community.  Known primarily as the call the referee shouts before two rugby teams lock into a scrum, in this context Touch, Pause, Engage becomes a call to look fully and interact with jewellery as you see it.
And so, this innovative jewellery showcase is designed to reset the trans-Tasman rivalry between our rugby-loving brothers and sisters, and to build new jewellery relationships. The show will be hung at the Keeper Gallery, at the Gaffa Art Complex in Sydney, and will run from 21 October – 2 November 2010.  Opening night, October 21st will also mark the release of an accompanying publication.
The initiative of Kristin D’Agostino and Raewyn Walsh, Touch, Pause, Engage, has invited a diverse team of fifteen New Zealand jewellers to submit inventive and inspired works.  Although many of the makers’ practices focus on different issues and are expressed in a wide range of forms, the side is fit and game ready.  The roster is comprised of talented individuals with varying skills, strengths, and experience but who all make a target of pushing the experimental aspects of their jewellery practice.
-Kristin and Raewyn

06 October 2010

Jewellery events in Auckland

Back in Auckland just in the nick of time and ready to jump back into the buslting jewellery world. 

Craig McIntosh @Fingers - October 4th
Amanda Game @Objectspace lecture series - October 6th
Cheryl Sills and Mia Straka  @ Royal - October 8th
Artist Alliance Workshop Day - October 9th
Peter Deckers and Nadene Carr @ Masteworks - October 13th
Broach of the Month Club/Masterworks Dinner  - October 13th
Peter Deckers Floor Talk @ Masteworks - October 14th