14 June 2011

Drawing collaboration

As part of the Broach of the Month Club Thinkspace show, wearer Garth O'Brien and I collaborated on a drawing project. He saw an antique brooch an bought it.  So together we drew up new brooches from the antique and the brooches in the BOM 2010.  This is what I came up with.  To see the originals BOM brooches go here.

Kristin D'Agostino + Tatjana Panyoczki + Garth O'Brien Antique 
Raewyn Walsh + Anne Baynham + Garth O'Brien Antique

Tatjana Panyoczki + Garth O'Brien Antique

Rachel Bell + Tatjana Panyoczki + Garth O'Brien Antique

10 June 2011

Broach of the Month Club 2010 - Masterworks ThinkSpace

1. Wearer Jo Mears takes Ross Malcom's 'In the Pink' on a Kombi tour of the South Island
2. 2010 Broach of the Month Club brooches
3. Photos of the 2010 launch party by Rebecca Robinson
4. Wearer responses:  Bronwyn Cornish brooch, Jenny Robertson tapestry book, Garth O'Brien antique brooch
5. Wearer journals and photos
6.  Video of wearer interviews 

03 June 2011

The National enters blogland

The National State of Emergency Blog is up and running.  
Go visit here
There will also be pop-up shows happening in Christchurch.