01 November 2012

MakeShift: a Collaboration with Raewyn Walsh and Kristin D'Agostino

The Jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringham is pleased to present:

makeShift: a jewellery exhibition resulting from
a collaboration between Kristin D’Agostino and Raewyn Walsh. 

What happens when a workshop is shared and the craftspeople that inhabit the space are interested in reconnecting with the jewellery wearer, while maintaining individuality?  In Raewyn and Kristin’s experience, their ideas, materials and processes have crossed over at times and they have seen similarities appear in their work.  However, because of this and out of respect
of the other’s oeuvre, they have managed to restrict their individual practices so as not to encroach on each other’s jewellery ‘territory’.

Raeywn and Kristin have recently extended their collaborative endeavors into an experimental project that goes beyond the traditional view of craft as a display of virtuosity, to assert jewellery as a practice that actively connects with its audience.  They have used the collaboration to take their work to a new place, where shared artistic concepts, materials, and processes are privileged, and extend their individual practices at the same time. In doing so, their desire is to lift the restrictions they have imposed on themselves, both real and imagined.

Originally shown at Unitec: Snowhite gallery
Then a condensed version at masterworks gallery (pictured above).

07 September 2012

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The handshake raffle kicks off today.
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02 August 2012

Not to be missed...

The current Masterworks show with the winning tri-fecta of Raewyn Walsh, Ross Malcolm and Gillian Deery makes a great show.

Raewyn Walsh - Vessels 2012
Care of masterworks gallery

secret love of textiles: Ilka White

image of Ilka White from here

14 July 2012

Imaginary Cartographies

I am very excited about the opportunity to be part of an emerging curators project sponsored by Matt Blomeley and the Auckland City Council

You are warmly invited to visit Imaginary Cartographies, at The Lake House Arts Centre 17-29 July 2012.

Imaginary Cartographies is part of the Archipelago series, comprising four exhibitions by emerging curators that will be happening at community art centres across north Auckland between July 2012 and February 2013.

The show features Warwick Freeman, Corrina Hoseason  Raewyn Walsh, Alan Preston, Pauline Bern, Rachel Bell, Stephen Brookbanks, Delia Woodham, Amy Blinkehorne, Hamish MacDonald, Shelton Walsmith.   

A curators floor talk event is scheduled for 11am Saturday 28 July.

12 May 2012

TheSeeHere is back with a new Location

Now located at 19 Tory St Wellington 

...with a great show by Vivien Atkinson

04 May 2012

7UP 18-23 june 2012

Exciting things to come!  Check out Objectspace for more details....

17 February 2012



T J McNamara

..."The other exhibition, called Retrospect, is a contemporary jewellery show curated by Jo Mears. This work is not by manufacturing jewellers. All the participants are fine arts graduates into individual expression.
Jewellery seems to have replaced the pottery movement that dominated New Zealand craft last century. As the pottery movement developed it was prone to tend to ceramic sculpture. The essential vessel quality that is the basic characteristic of good pottery was smothered. Here the function of jewellery being next to the skin is often lost as the work is made to hang on a wall or remain static.
The exhibition is strongly influenced by Wellington-based jeweller Peter Deckers. A huge cabinet involving 64 lenses that magnify pieces of his jewellery within the case is the centre of the show. The jewels include a large silver hand-hammered nail and details from The Night Watch impressed on a spoon. Deckers, who spoke at the opening of the exhibition, emphasised that jewellery is often associated with gifting which he said was a "primal urge" and the gift must have value; a gift must be in some way precious.
In this craft jewellery, the value often lies not in precious stones or valuable metal but in originality and imagination.
The materials range from circuit boards, with their glittering electronic detail, to rabbit excrement, baked and varnished to look like jet. Something like a conventional necklace called Noisy Blob Strings by Sharon Fitness is colourful plastic and incorporates ipods and earphones. The transformative power of imagination and skill is best seen in the exquisite fan shapes made of silver and takeaway containers by Kristin D'Agostino.
The range of effects has something to please everybody, whatever theory they embrace."

31 January 2012

Retrospect opening tonight @ Pah Homestead

Palakura  Paneer
Kristin D'Agostino 2012

I hear the show is looking good and I am excited about the new work.
Read more about it here.

19 January 2012

things to come.... at JEMposium

I am working on a project:
Who are you wearing? And what are you thinking about?: a jewellery symposium in pictures
that will be shown at Masterworks Gallery following the conference.

18 January 2012

Jewels at the Pah

This exhibition, curated by Jo Mears, involves twenty New Zealand contemporary jewellers reflecting on their practice alongside the ‘Far Sight’ installation by artist Peter Deckers which is owned by the Wallace Arts Trust

The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre, Auckland
72 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough

The Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre Wednesday 1st February –Sunday 15th April 2012 and Wallace Gallery Morrinsville Thursday 19th April – Sunday 10th June 2012
Opening: Tuesday 31st January 2012, 6.00pm
Master Bedroom Gallery at the Pah Homestead, TSB Bank Wallace Arts Centre and Wallace Gallery, Morrinsville

RETROSPECT brings together Peter Deckers’ 2007 Far Sight installation - a work exploring 20 years of his jewellery making practice in New Zealand- and a 20 strong contingent of New Zealand emerging and established contemporary jewellers, many of whom have participated in one or two of the projects curated by Peter Deckers since 2005.