22 January 2013

engaging contemporary jewellery via Artfind blog

*image is of Woven Box neckpiece, 2012 by HANDSHAKE participant Gillian Deery

Artfind has a nice update on contemporary jewellery project in NZ.  It is even cooler that the Overview got a mention as well as Retrospect and Handshake.  3 out of 4 is not bad!

"One area in New Zealand’s creative landscape that I feel is extremely engaging, consistantly interesting and progressive, is the contemporary jewellery scene. We have some wonderfully talented makers producing jewellery at an international level, and there is as a strong sense of community with a number of great support iniatives around too. Check out a few interesting projects below:" read more

07 January 2013



We rang in the new year with a 3am earthquake in lovely New Plymouth.....  that heralds a year full of rock and roll if you ask me.

The lovely RETROSPECT show, curated by Jo Mears is heading toward The Dowse museum on Feb 1.  I love this museum and am over the moon to have my work there.
So, I am especially honored to be on the add for this one... read more about it here