25 May 2008

life inside this box

i have been wallowing in the wondrous world of boxes. i decided to marry two of my favorite things, antique boxes and technology. or more simply put, an excuse to go on an antique box hunt. my favorite was a tiny, brown, ring box with a lovely little penciled in date of 1932. i just love the idea that someone looked after that box for nearly a century. one of the less precious little capsules, the Parker pen, fell victim to the laser cutter, and i fell victim to faulty planning. i only had time to complete one box/brooch, but there will be others.

implied jewellery

Incorporating aspects of the Skin and Bones exhibit (2006) at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angelas,CA as well as Le Corbusier's use of grid and human dimensions my attempts here are to investigate implied jewellery objects that can be interwoven with the aristocratic symbol of white gloves. My idea is to challenge traditional notions of why jewellery is worn, ideas about class, and the origin of adornments as they relate to the grid of the human body.