27 May 2010

re:production project

Here is a sneak peak of one of the photos that I have sent off to the re:production exhibition.  

The show is curated by Zoe Brand at the Keeper Gallery @ gaffa in Syndey.  This is how Zoe describes the project.  By removing the ‘end product’ of a work and displaying only the documentation in the form of a series of images, the viewer is given a different perspective from which to understand further the workings of contemporary jewellery practice. 
The show is supported by a lovely blog so that all of the overseas jewellers can appreciate the show. 
There are a few spots still available if other makers are interested in participating.
Exhibition Dates: 3rd June - 29th June 2010, blog live now.

25 May 2010

DIY Magpie Workshop Walking Tour of Taupo part 2

six for gold
Drew's Goldsmith's
Joanna Campbell's ribbon necklace

seven for secrets not to be told
Taupo's question mark
Octavia Cook's brooch

eight for a wish
wishing well
Matthew McIntyre Wilson's coin brooches

nine for a kiss
rose garden
Pauline Bern's Mend brooches

ten for a bird not to be missed
Lisa Walker talk 2pm

At this point we laid out the collections and started making, making, making.

18 May 2010

DIY Magpie Workshop Walking Tour of Taupo part 1

instructions: go to the magpie show.  check out all of these artists.  walk around taupo and draw connections between the old folk rhymes and themes in the jewellery show.  make. make. make.

one for sorrow
early settlers cemetery
Mary Curtis, black brooch
two for joy
Salvation Army
 Cath Dearsley, theory of toys
three for a girl
Taupo primary
Rachel Bell, found-feminine domestic
four for a boy
Taupo primary
Ross Malcolm, necklaces
five for silver
The fly
Jennifer Braithwaite, necklaces
(real silver I am sure!)
..... more soon

11 May 2010

MAGPIE review

MAGPIE: New Adventures in Jewellery opened last weekend as apart of the Taupo Erupt festival.  I may be a bit biased, but I thought that the show looked  fabulous.  The tiding, charm, gulp, flock, murder of jewellers descended on Taupo for a weekend of talks.  Lisa Walker spoke on Saturday and Pauline Bern/Tim Walker on Sunday.  It was a lovely event.
I led two public workshops on Saturday and Sunday that involved a walk around town linking concepts in traditional jewellery to works in the show via the magpie rhyme.  The particpants magpied up lovely treasures that we then made into pendants.  More pictures to come shortly.

one for sorrow, 
two for joy,  
three for a girl,
four for a boy,
five for a silver,
six for gold,
seven for secrets not to be told,
eight for a wish,
nine for a kiss,
ten for a bird not to be missed,

03 May 2010

Good Moodies

The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music saves the day, and provides a much needed performance art/ experimental music fix care of The Moodies.  The link will take you to two interviews with the band.
(photo via The Wire)

Here is what The Wire has to say about the interviews:
Hear two Clear Spot documentaries where Adrian Whittaker talks to members of The Moodies, the musical and performance art group which grew out of Reading University Art Department in the early Seventies. 

The two programmes, originally aired on Resonance FM on 24 and 25 February 2010, also include archive live recordings from 1974 and examples of various ex-Moodies’ later work with Brian Eno, Ian Dury, Michael Karoli and Paul Burwell.