18 September 2018


In an effort to spend less time online and more time in the real world, I have taken a break from this blog.  You can find me over  in instagramland:


Back in 2015  I curated a show reflecting on the asymmetrical possibilities of the single earring and resulted in a show called “Symmetry is the Work of the Devil”. In conversation with artists, I realised that others have been fascinated by this issue and responded through their practice. So, I am interested in a group project about asymmetry and how different artists approach the topic.

5 artists across 5 mediums contributed one work each week for 5 weeks. Each work measured (or fit into) a 5inch by 5inch square/cube. The process was posted via images to a private blog that the 5 artists were able to access. The resulting work were on display during the Wunderruma satellite event called Wundeweek. Thursday 16th - 20th July, Studio One Toi Tu.

The participants
Craig Foltz lives Auckland, writes experimental fiction/poetry with a strong photographic bent. http://www.craigfoltz.com/
Jon Pack lives in Brooklyn and takes a mean photograph. http://www.jonpack.com/
Lauren Winstone lives in Auckland and her ceramics give me pause. http://laurenwinstone.co.nz/index.php?/project/studies-in-thickening/
Shelton Walsmith lives in Brooklyn paints, draws, photographs and films a world I would like to inhabit. http://www.sheltonwalsmith.com/
Kristin D'Agostino lives in Auckland, is a contemporary jeweller, recently fascinated with the single earring and different cultural implications this asymmetrical adornment can represent. She is a founding member of the Jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringham. http://kristindagostino.com/

22 October 2014

14 March 2014

The Overview goes to print!!!

This special edition of Overview includes 2000 collectors edition newspaper copies available alongside the Wunderruma exhibition, opening right now at Galerie Handwerk in Munich. Thanks so much to all our supporters who donated funds and purchased advertising space to help this happen.
Issue #16 WUNDERview