08 April 2013

Second chance for a Schmuck - Take it away Poland.....

If you missed Schmuck Munich,  and you happen to be in lovely Legnica, Poland then you can catch my work in Schmuck 2013 from 30th April - 8th June.

01 April 2013

Raewyn Walsh - Pieces From the KIngsland Hoard

More mastery from Ms Walsh at Masterworks:

Pieces From the KIngsland Hoard

From the masterworks website:
'Circa 2012 - 2013'. Auckland jeweller Raewyn Walsh will be showing a selection of her latest creations, beautifully crafted necklaces in their most simplistic form. 

Raewyn likes to use traditional jewellery making and silversmithing techniques. Methods such as raising, chasing and repousse help create her collection. Her reference to the vessel is a feature of her pieces where it represents both form and formlessness.