22 November 2009

2D art + community = papergirl

Thank you Raewyn Walsh for emailing me this Papergirl Portland video and making my day.
The projects work like this:  2D art is donated by local artists and exhibited.  Then they are rolled up and passed out to random people on the street "paperboy" style.  What a glorious idea!

The Papergirl - Berlin site is well worth a visit

                                          photo care of Papergirl-berlin

I feel a bike ride coming on...

16 November 2009

collaborative projects to drool over part 2: SKATE

The first event for CJP (Community Jewellery Projects) was recently held in Nelson.  SKATE was an open access project organised to explore and extend jewellery practice within the Nelson community. The purpose is to build a diverse and vibrant jewellery community and to offer a platform for challenging and provocative events, exhibitions and projects. It is anticipated that CJP events will be held at least three times a year.
via kit and caboodle

I cannot wait to hear how it went.

15 November 2009

Tis the season

For group shows and grad shows in Auckland

25 November, Opening party from 5.00pm

26 - 27 November, 10am - 6pm

28 November, 10am - 4pm


Building 1, Entry 1, Carrington Rd, Mt Albert

Opening party - 25 November, 5.30pm to late

Drinks & refreshments available from 5.30pm

Fingers Annual Group Show:  November 16th - 28th 2009

Masterworks Treasure Trove :Group Jewellery Show  3 Dec 2009

Elam Grad Show 21-22 November

08 November 2009

jewellery on the brink of a realtionship

My work focuses on jewellery that explores alternative forms of exchange between maker and wearer.  This project, ‘jewellery on the brink of a relationship’, functions as homage.  Each fortnight for a year, one of twenty-six unique pieces will land on the doorstep of a different artist or thinker who has provided me with inspiration.
A thank you note implies a relationship.  In my circumstance the relationship up to this point has often been one sided.  This project attempts to scramble the current paradigm where one person makes and the other observes.  In this case, both parties function as giver and receiver and as maker and viewer.   It is an experiment in interchange and initiating relationships.

I will document the progress here  http://jewelleryonthebrink.blogspot.com/

Hurray its done.