18 April 2007


it only took a year of left handed self portraits
to face my profile

how many kristin's can you find?

curiouser & curiouser part 2

drawings inspired by f. houtin
morphed into broaches

a quick sketch

and a brooch on the verge of a nervous breakdown

06 April 2007

curiouser & curiouser part 1

this is my newest favorite project!
it involves putting my new metal working skills to the task
of building my own fantasy world.
as blueprints i used drawings which were inspired by this fabulous print called Frog by Francios Houtin, a Parisian etcher, draughtsman and print maker. i think it is easy to tell he has spent time as a gardener.

i am really intrigued by his early etchings (70s) and the shapes he uses. they seem to be begging to be interpreted as jewellery.

i first came across his work on bibliodessy and have been a fan every since. Check out more of his work at these galleries. Richard Reed Armstrong Gallery (or if you live in chicago you can go see it in real life!!) and Galleria del Leone.

who who who?

this is an ode to jayna
she sure loves owls, that jayna


hear is a little peak at my workspace.
it is always changing

ahoy boaties!

welcome to jewellery in the form of a blog.
my little spot to share all of the twittering of my fingers.
I hope you enjoy what you see,