20 March 2013

Nice Press from Italy

Thank you to Chirstiana over at Oro o mai piĆ¹  for the kind words about my Take Away work ....  Check out the link or facebook page

14 March 2013

High Five - Schmuck 2013 in Review

It has been about 30 hours since my 30 hour trip home from Munich.  I am happy to announce that I did not have a baby on the plane, even though the rumor of lifetime free flights was tempting.   I am nearly back to normal, although I did question my ability to operate heavy machinery as I got behind the wheel of the car today…..
There is so much to reflect on and share.  I will try to post everything I saw over the next few weeks.  So let’s start with the highlight and work our way from there…..
It was an amazing experience to see my my work at the show.  This is a mobile photo and doesn’t show the brooches that well, but it also glosses over how gigantic I am.  And it does show the shadows off quite nicely.
High 5 - brooches at SCHMUCK 2013
High 5 – brooches at SCHMUCK 2013
Thank you to Creative New Zealand who made this trip possible!  Hurray.

13 March 2013

Handshake at Schmuck

I have just returned from Schmuck-tastic-ness that was Munich 2013.
I am still reeling from the event and in a happy jewellery daze.

My camera has been  momentarily kidnapped for the weekend, so snippets will have to suffice.
Here is the handshake install.

(photos courtesy of Jhana Miller)