05 December 2010

Subliminal Infiltrations show at Masterworks

The results of infiltrations thus far is now on show at Masterworks Gallery until Feb 2011.
The documentation of the whole project can be found here:  http://subliminalinfiltrations.blogspot.com/

A Brief and Un-concise History 

By happy coincidence, three Auckland Jewellery Geeks (yes, we are trying to think of a better name) wore Cath Dearsley felty brooches to the Fingers Contemporary Jewellery exhibition opening on 04 August 2010 featuring new work by Nadene Carr (MSVA), Kristin Toller (Unitec), and Debbie Adamson (Otago Polytechnic). 

The Geeks had been planing to do some guerilla actions at openings for a while but had not yet found a suitable behaviour to get ourselves out there and noticed without looking like complete dorks. Being smart and perceptive like we are, we quickly realised the potential of this three Cath Dearsley accidental happening and set about creating a cunning plan to Subliminalli Infiltrate the Auckland Contemporary Jewellery and Art scene in the four months leading up to our pencilled in THINKspace show. 

The plan: keep it simple,showcase on Geek's work at each opening leading up to the THINKspace, take photo documentation, and keep simple notes on the interactions as we went along. 

The Geeks are: Kristin D'Agostino, Raewyn Walsh, Cath Dearsley, Nadene Carr, Lynsay Raine, Gillian Deery, and Sharon Fitness. We are very grateful to the satellite geeks who helped us with this project, especially Joey, Renee Lilian, and Sinead and all the others who wanted to play in our sandpit. 

03 December 2010

Nava Lubelski : more textile painting boundary slurring

Following the breadcrumb trail from Bad at Sports >>>to the The Present Group. I found this great interview with textile artist and innovative maker, Nava Lubelski on the Present group blog.  I love her angle on deconstruction and mending.

Her work, dedication to craftsmanship and ability to step outside of craft and peak around the corners of what is possible is really knocking my socks off.

01 December 2010

maps, quilts, painting and craftsmanship

I have been swerving towards textiles lately and seeing this lovely quilt by Ian Hundley

on Alabama Chanin made my heart jump.  I love the work in these peices.