15 September 2013

Hello Beijing

I am honored to announce that my work will be included in the 2013 Beijing International Jewelry Art Biennial. Sadly, I am not going to be as well traveled as this work and anxiously await reports back on the show.

03 August 2013

The Jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringham 1st Annual Group Show

Although this show has just closed, you can visit rm's lovely archives for a taste of the show.

13 June 2013

Handshake @ Objectspace - 15 June 2013 - 20 July 2013

It has been such a pleasure to collaborate with Judy on this show!


15 June 2013 - 20 July 2013

The Handshake exhibition is the culmination of the Handshake mentoring project that began in 2011 involving twelve, then emerging, New Zealand-based jewellers. The project initiated by jeweller, teacher, and jewellery activist Peter Deckers, has provided the mentees with the opportunity to work with an internationally renowned artist or jeweller of their choice, as a mentor.
The role of the mentor was to assist the mentee with establishing an ongoing practice that would extend beyond the duration of the project and provide professional support and advice during the process of them developing works for a series of Handshake exhibitions staged in Australia, New Zealand and Germany. While earlier exhibitions  focussed on the mentees, the Handshake exhibition at Objectspace presents works by all the participants and highlights the collaborative process and unique qualities of the relationships between the pairs.
The Handshake website (http://handshakejewellery.com) records the progress of the Handshake participants via blogs that chart the development and exchange of ideas which occurred through a mixture of email, Skype, and studio visits. A recently published book
HANDSHAKE – 12 contemporary jewellers meet their hero collects text and images from participants and features an essay from leading international jewellery commentator Benjamin Lignel. The book is available for purchase at Objectspace.
In the final phase of this Handshake project each of the current mentees has been given the opportunity to select a new recent graduate, whom they will mentor for of a year,expanding on the ever increasing circle of learning and contributing to the dynamic flow of shared experiences. These graduating mentees- soon- to- be- mentors are the most valuable jewellery resources generated by Handshake. 
Participants in Handshake are as follows:
Becky Bliss / Fabrizio Tridenti
Neke Moa / Karl Fritsch
Gillian Deery / Estela Sáez Vilanova
Sam Kelly / Octavia Cook
Jhana Millers / Suska Mackert
Jessica Winchcombe / Warwick Freeman
Nadene Carr / Lucy Sarneel
Sarah Read / Iris Eichenberg
Lynsay Raine / Andrea Wagner
Kristin D’Agostino / Judy Darragh
Debbie Adamson / Hanna Hedman
Sharon Fitness / Lisa Walker

08 April 2013

Second chance for a Schmuck - Take it away Poland.....

If you missed Schmuck Munich,  and you happen to be in lovely Legnica, Poland then you can catch my work in Schmuck 2013 from 30th April - 8th June.

01 April 2013

Raewyn Walsh - Pieces From the KIngsland Hoard

More mastery from Ms Walsh at Masterworks:

Pieces From the KIngsland Hoard

From the masterworks website:
'Circa 2012 - 2013'. Auckland jeweller Raewyn Walsh will be showing a selection of her latest creations, beautifully crafted necklaces in their most simplistic form. 

Raewyn likes to use traditional jewellery making and silversmithing techniques. Methods such as raising, chasing and repousse help create her collection. Her reference to the vessel is a feature of her pieces where it represents both form and formlessness. 

20 March 2013

Nice Press from Italy

Thank you to Chirstiana over at Oro o mai più  for the kind words about my Take Away work ....  Check out the link or facebook page

14 March 2013

High Five - Schmuck 2013 in Review

It has been about 30 hours since my 30 hour trip home from Munich.  I am happy to announce that I did not have a baby on the plane, even though the rumor of lifetime free flights was tempting.   I am nearly back to normal, although I did question my ability to operate heavy machinery as I got behind the wheel of the car today…..
There is so much to reflect on and share.  I will try to post everything I saw over the next few weeks.  So let’s start with the highlight and work our way from there…..
It was an amazing experience to see my my work at the show.  This is a mobile photo and doesn’t show the brooches that well, but it also glosses over how gigantic I am.  And it does show the shadows off quite nicely.
High 5 - brooches at SCHMUCK 2013
High 5 – brooches at SCHMUCK 2013
Thank you to Creative New Zealand who made this trip possible!  Hurray.

13 March 2013

Handshake at Schmuck

I have just returned from Schmuck-tastic-ness that was Munich 2013.
I am still reeling from the event and in a happy jewellery daze.

My camera has been  momentarily kidnapped for the weekend, so snippets will have to suffice.
Here is the handshake install.

(photos courtesy of Jhana Miller)

27 February 2013

only one week left

You have until March 6th to support the Handshake Project in Germany and take away a wonderful treat like one of these lovely Lynsay Raine's for only 20.00NZD.. It all goes to a great cause.... rent and travel to Munich


See more prizes here: http://handshakejewellery.com/pledge-me-campaign/

New Zealand talent recognised in Germany

From the Objectspace newsletter.....
In March, the work of a number of New Zealanders will be represented in exhibitions at the annual international shows Talentè and Schmuck. Fatemeh Aghahasan, Tamsin Fraser, Briar Mark, Hayden Maunsell, Kristin D’Agostino, Karl Fritsch, Lisa Walker are just some of those who will have their work on  display.   
Whereas Talentè showcases craft and design, the focus of Schmuck is on contemporary jewellery. As part of Schmuck, jeweller Warwick Freeman has been invited to present a survey exhibition including works from the 1980s to 2013.
This year the spotlight is also on the work of 12 emerging contemporary jewellers. Facilitated by Peter Deckers, Handshake is a mentoring project, supported by Creative New Zealand,  that culminates in an exhibition. Handshake will be staged at Objectspace.
We wish all the exhibitors the very best!

25 February 2013

March madness

I am pleased to share three wonderful shows that I have the honour of being selected for this March.

SCHMUCK 2013, Munich Germany.  It was a great honour to be selected for this year’s Schmuck exhibition curated by Bernhard Schobinger.   And thank you to Creative New Zealand for generously providing me with the opportunity to experience the event first hand.
“SCHMUCK is a global competition,” explained Dieter Dohr, CEO and president of GHM Gesellschaft fur Handwerksmessen mbH.  Schobinger of Richterswil in Switzerland is a trained goldsmith, and is one of today’s leading jewellery designers. His works are regarded as influential in determining new directions in style and the man himself is seen as an artist with a unique aesthetic sense who has broken new ground particularly in avant-garde jewellery design.  Not surprisingly, the works selected by him for SCHMUCK 2013, reflect this background, “they include a number of exciting new artist, but also many familiar names,” reveals Deiter Dohr.
-           From KLIMT02

Brooch: Chicken Vindaloo 2012
Kristin D'Agostino
photo by Studio La Gonda

Brooch:Rogan Josh 2012
Kristin D'Agostino
photo by Studio La Gonda

Handshake is an international jewellery project founded by New Zealand curator Peter Deckers. The results of this mentee/ mentor jewellery project have been exhibited regularly throughout Australasia over the last two years.  Work from my 2013 series, Milk and Honey will feature as part of the Handshake project at Handwerksmesse as part of Schmuck, Munich 6-12 March. The preview and catalogue launch will take place at 1.30pm on 6 March. Please find more information here. http://handshakejewellery.com/ 
Please also take the time watch this lovely video for the PLEDGEME drive on until the 6th of March.
Thank you to my mentor, Judy Darragh for her enthusiasm and ongoing support

Retrospect curated by Jo Mears is showing until May at the fantastic New Dowse Museum in Lower Hutt.  It is one of my favourite museums in New Zealand and a great honour to have work shown there. Especially a show that is advertised like this: “An installation by Wellington artist Peter Deckers is featured alongside works by 20 other contemporary New Zealand jewellers. The exhibition features materials as diverse as iPod shuffles, take-away containers... and rabbit poo.” From The New Dowse Newsletter
Kristin D'Agostino: Take away series 2011

07 February 2013

New Zealand jewellers and designers to feature at major European showcases

"With support from Creative New Zealand, seven New Zealand jewellers, designers and artists will be attending and exhibiting at the Talentè and Schmuck showcases, held annually as part of the renowned International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades.
At Talentè will be paper artist Fatemeh Aghahasan (Auckland), typographer Tamsin Fraser (Auckland), textile artist Briar Mark (Auckland) and wood artist Hayden Maunsell (Napier). Meanwhile at Schmuck will be Kristin D’Agostino from Auckland and Wellington-based husband and wife Karl Fritsch and Lisa Walker (the latter is independently funded).
In addition, Auckland-based jeweller Warwick Freeman will be at Schmuck where he has been invited to exhibit as a ‘modern classic’."

To read more click here!!!

22 January 2013

engaging contemporary jewellery via Artfind blog

*image is of Woven Box neckpiece, 2012 by HANDSHAKE participant Gillian Deery

Artfind has a nice update on contemporary jewellery project in NZ.  It is even cooler that the Overview got a mention as well as Retrospect and Handshake.  3 out of 4 is not bad!

"One area in New Zealand’s creative landscape that I feel is extremely engaging, consistantly interesting and progressive, is the contemporary jewellery scene. We have some wonderfully talented makers producing jewellery at an international level, and there is as a strong sense of community with a number of great support iniatives around too. Check out a few interesting projects below:" read more

07 January 2013



We rang in the new year with a 3am earthquake in lovely New Plymouth.....  that heralds a year full of rock and roll if you ask me.

The lovely RETROSPECT show, curated by Jo Mears is heading toward The Dowse museum on Feb 1.  I love this museum and am over the moon to have my work there.
So, I am especially honored to be on the add for this one... read more about it here