27 January 2010

Pocket Guide to New Zealand Jewelry

photo of A.Preston's kiwi via Velvet Da Vinci

The Pocket Guide to NZ Jewelery show opened this month in San Francisco.  Curated by Damian Skinner the show starts at Velvet Da Vinci and then travels to SOFA in Chicago.  I am very much hoping it makes a local loop once it returns.

"You're going to like New Zealand and its people. American troops that have preceded you have made plenty of firm friends and thereby paved the way for you. You'll soon feel at home, particularly if you remember from the beginning that you have plenty to learn, especially from New Zealanders themselves. No warnings are needed by any man of common sense and good will."  Pocket Guide 1943

The idea was to use the Pocket Guide given to US service men on R&R in New Zealand during WWII as the premise for a show to introduce NZ jewelry state side.  The 124-page catalog goes on to explain it in full.  If you are not lucky enough to be in SF at the moment, you can read some of Skinner's thoughts along similar lines here, and here and here on paua dreams,

The artists include are: Anna Wallis, Jane Dodd, Jason Hall, Peter Deckers, Fran Allison, Warwick Freeman, Areta Wilkinson, Alan Preston, Renee Bevan, Lisa Walker, Peter McKay, Lynn Kelly, Octavia Cook, Andrea Daly, Pauline Bern, Niki Hastings-McFall

January 13 - February 28

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