23 April 2010

Charm, Tiding, Murder: a Magpie view of Taupo

If you are in Taupo in May, then you won't want to miss the opening of the Magpie show at 

the Taupo Museum.  You could also join me for a jewellery walk of the town  at noon on May 8th and 9th.

Magpie New Adventures in Jewellery workshop kicks off by walking to 9 different sites around Taupo linked to the 'Magpie' rhyme. At each site there will be talks about traditional and contemporary jewellery, and a collection of materials and objects to take back to the Museum. There you will learn on both days how to make cord and transform your findings into jewellery.
The Sunday session will be more informal so bring your items from home and transform into your view of Taupo.

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