23 September 2009

About, above

Solar-powered cardboard planetarium - Hyde Park, Sydney, February '08
Cardboard, pinholes, sunlight, rivets, string. 90cm x 80cm x 90cm. Edition 1/6

© Kirsten Bradley 2008

The Birds Path (after Herschel) - detail of installation
Cardboard, pinholes, sunlight, rear-projection screen, blacked-out room.
© Kirsten Bradley 2008

Solar-powered cardboard planetarium - Belmore Park, Sydney, February '08

Cardboard, pinholes, sunlight, rivets, string. 230cm x 200cm 230cm. Edition 1/6

© Kirsten Bradley 2008

Kirsten Bradley's work About, above, stands up where I feel that many participatory projects fall short.

  • Emotionally engaging as a viewer or particpant, check.
  • Aesthetic compelling as a stand alone object, check.
  • Theoretical backbone, check.

Here is what she has to say about the work:

A project in two parts, About, above invites the viewer into a world of lo-fi nature through participatory sculpture and installation. The first aspect of the project are solar-powered cardboard planetaria, which are designed to be installed in parks and other public spaces within a city. The second aspect of the project is an installation in the form of a room or chamber containing a camera obscura starmap, which is 'powered' by exterior sunlight, and allows the viewer to experience both a glowing starchart and a mosaic version of the world outside the chamber, simultaneously.
Read more about her project here Kirsten Bradley

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